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Al-Qibla International Real Estate Co

 Al-Qibla International Real Estate Company (K.S.C) was established on the fourth of December 2011, as the idea of ​​establishing the company was based on a vision and strategy aimed at achieving success and leadership in the field of real estate investment market, with a paid up capital of KD 1,000,000 /- (one million Kuwaiti Dinars). And then it was increased in 2014 to reach KD 10,000,000 /- (Ten million Kuwaiti dinars.).

Thanks to God and continuous work, Al-Qibla International Real Estate Company has become since  its establishment  and until its  date one of the leading companies in the field of real estate investment in the State of Kuwait, in general and in all GCC countries , as the company was capable, within a short time, to introduce itself to the investment community in the real estate field as one of the most stable companies with a successful reputation in this field, and as a result    , the company was able to prosper in its business and develop growth rates in net profit.